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What are Skyrunner Jumping Stilts?

Introducing you to the hottest, most innovative gravity defying recreational product to hit Australia in decades, Skyrunner Jumping Stilts. Jumping Stilts (also know as kangaroo shoes, powerisers, bocking shoes ,power bocks, skyrunners and even flying shoes!) have taken the U S, Europe and Asia by storm, and now is available here in Australia!!!

Never before has the everyday person been given the opportunity to:

Now Superman is not the only person capable of these feats, adults and kids alike can all enjoy the fun. Apart from being sensational fun, every time you use Jumping Stilts you are receiving a full body workout without even knowing it!

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Benefits from using Jumping Stilts

We all know obesity in children is increasing at a rapid rate, and one of the hardest things to do is to get them back outside away from the Playstations and xBoxes. JUMPING STILTS are the perfect way to do this and start them on their way to physical wellbeing and fitness and what a fun way to do this! The kids run and jump around unknowing to the fact they are doing themselves the world of good.

Skyrunner Jumping Stilts Sizes and Colours

Skyrunner PackagingSkyrunner Jumping Stilts are rated on a weight basis, not shoe size so therefore does not become a complicated fitting exercise! The sizes are as follows:

Childrens Sizes : 20-40 kg / 30-50 kg
Available Colours : Red / Blue / Black
Adults & Teens Sizes : 50-70 kg / 70-90 kg / 90-110 kg
Available Colours : Yellow and Alloy Silver only

Each set of SKYRUNNERS come complete with:

Warranty Conditions

Every set of Skyrunner Jumping Stilits is warranted for a period of 12 months ( Spring 6 Months ) from date of purchase. Damage caused by natural wear and tear, as well as damage due to improper use is excluded from the warranty. If any warranty issues arise, the store or customer must contact G D P Trading Co. to confirm the nature of the issue attaining to the product. All warranty issues are to be at the discretion of G D P Trading Co.

How to purchase Skyrunner Jumping Stilts

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Skyrunners Jumping Stilts are officially distributed by G D P Trading Co. The only official factory appointed distributor in Australia.

If you have any questions about Fly Jumpers please phone 0411 881 841 or visit

ABN : 14 111 579 321
Australian safety certification approval : CE / SGS ISO9001 : 2000

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